The Nine Deadly Embraces

Dennis Walker had a dream while he was in his prayer tent. It was about a man being delivered from demonic spirits. Then he heard a voice from heaven saying, “He is reemerging from the 9 embraces.”  He awoke, and asked the Lord what the 9 embraces were. He received a “download” from heaven and began to write. Here they are:

The first 4 are embraced by the person:
1. A spirit of offense. Where a person becomes offended by someone else.
2. A lying spirit of re-interpretation. Where all of a sudden you feel “enlightened” as to why a person looked at you a certain way, or the inflection in their voice, etc.
3. A spirit of criticism and judgment. Where you judge the person who offended you.
4. A spirit of bitterness. Where every time you think about the event, you feel the same emotions all over again. The Bible warns about the spirit of bitterness that can defile many.

The next 5 embrace you by the enemy:
5. A spirit of deception. This is a general deception about who God is, about truth, about who you are, etc.
6. A spirit of fear and depression. These are “unexplained” feelings that come over you.
7. A spirit of obsessions, addictions, compulsions. Where you become obsessed about anything, seemingly good or bad. You can be obsessed sexually, about washing your hands, about fasting (based on guilt), about pornography, alcohol, etc.
8. A spirit of control. Where a spirit controls you, and through you manipulates others.
9. Suppression of identity. Where a spirit is now speaking through and using a person.  The amazing thing is, you can eliminate this whole series by going to the original offense, and giving it to the Lord. Not because the person who offended necessarily deserves it, but because you deserve to be free, and because God can only work on the situation when you release it to Him. Matthew 18 also speaks about the fact that if we don’t forgive, we are turned over to the tormenters. The torment in mind and body.

The following is a prayer to help set you free:
Repeat out loud (cup one hand and pull things from heart with other hand): Father, I now take out of my heart and place in my hand, any person who has offended me and hurt me. I take out of my heart and put in my hand any person who abused me, neglected me, made fun of me, or took advantage of me. I remove from my heart every person who has lied to me, cheated me, or stolen from me, and I put them in my hands. I take out of my heart and put in my hands all injustice, all hurt, all anger, all helplessness and hopelessness, shame and guilt, and all the people who were used to provoke those events and emotions in me, including myself, and including my blaming God for these things.   Lord, I am not the Judge. You are the only true and righteous Judge. And I offer up to you all these people, all the events, all the emotions and I release them to you. (cup both hands, lift them up to  heaven, then spread to release). I command any spirits involved in these events to leave every part of my being, go answer to the finished work on the cross and go where Jesus sends them.  (Place both hands on heart) Heavenly Father, I ask you to fill my heart with your love, and with the oil of your Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus, for your blood that was shed to set me free. I give every part of my being to you in full surrender.   Amen.