Community Outreach

out·reach (out-rch) – 1) To surpass (another) in reach 2) To be more or greater than; exceed 3) To go too far 4) To reach out 5) The act or process of reaching out 6) A systematic attempt to provide services beyond conventional limits, as to particular segments of a community: an educational outreach

Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake City: 801-363-5433 – Incorporated in 1986, the Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake is dedicated to helping people unprepared for pregnancy with options counsel, practical resource and referrals. Over 16,000 clients have been served and continue to receive help at no cost.

Caring client advocates provide support about life issues and offer information on adoption, abortion and parenting. Pregnant women receive maternity and baby clothing and there are various community resources made available.

Abstinence education including sexuality, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections (STD’s and STI’s) is provided one-on-one, for the classroom or for parent groups. Specifically trained client advocates (who themselves are post-abortive) facilitate a post-abortion program for both men and women. Adoption education and assistance is available.

The Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake is concerned for each unique individual and their specific needs and questions. We exist to listen and respond with love and care, providing hope for the future.